Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Notebooks anyone? - Guest Blog Post

*today's post is from my awesome co-worker and DIY guru Monica. i've tried to get Monica to share her DIY's on a blog of her own but she won't give. keep your eyes peeled; you may find more of her goodies on the blog in the future!*

Hey blog world! Ever get some of the cutest cards and wish you could use them instead of hanging them on your tack board or office wall for a couple weeks then pitch them or store them in a box? I came up with a cute way to recycle them into a personalized notebook. 

I'm sure you have extra paper that has lost it's binding or left over from a craft paper. You can use this scrap paper with your cards to make perfect sized notebooks for your desk, purse, or car.

 Gather up the cards you want to convert. well as that scrap paper.

Match up your paper to your card and cut down to fit inside. I left an 1/8" overhang on all sides. If you are adding a lot of paper, make sure to re-crease your card into 2 creases to allow for the stack thickness.

Next you will hand stitch it to the back cover. If you are using thick paper, you may want to pre punch your holes with a hammer and a sharp nail.
You can also staple it, depending on how patient you are.

TA-DA! Now you have a one-of-a-kind notebook. You could also do this for a friend by using a blank card and writing a special note on the back cover.

I'm going to use this notebook as my grocery list notepad... how appropriate for this card! ;) Enjoy!

have you made notebooks of your own? what's your favorite way to do it?