Thursday, September 20, 2012

21 dates of summer: food + coffee + music

based on the last episode of the 21 dates series, one would think we aren't gonna make the deadline. especially considering TOMORROW is the last day of summer. however, we are right on track. i'm just not posting them like I should. so here is 3 in one...

burgers and pool at the pool hall in Kentucky. unfortunately this place is incredibly gross on the inside. i seriously doubt there is a board of health in this county because... well you get the point. worst part is... THEIR BURGERS ARE AMAZING. KJB's fam has been going to this joint for years without anyone getting sick, so i guess we will continue the trend.

one night it was time for some big decision making, so we headed to the Starbucks down the street, enjoyed the warm evening, and talked about our life plans. details to come from that conversation.

to make summer fade slowly into fall, we sat down with our iTunes open and made a combined playlist of some of our favorite songs of the summer. we also watched some Karmin covers on YouTube. i'm loving her lately.