Tuesday, December 17, 2013

House Tour | Living Room

The room has great bones and architecture, so I didn't want to do much to mess that up. I painted the dark brown wall to match the rest of the walls then got to decorating.

Coffee table - salvaged and painted
End table - salvaged
Ruffle curtains - Here
Lamps - TJ Maxx
Entertainment center and sofa table - Ikea, here
Ladder - salvaged
Moss letters - I make and sell, here

You remember my hutch, right? I've blogged about him here and here. He's loving his new home in the living room, holding my Ball jar collection and a few wedding mementos. 

A collage wall of prints is in the works but until I figure out exactly how I want them laid out on the wall, I'm using pieces of washi tape to hold them up. Our coffee table didn't photograph quite how I had hoped, but the top is a piece of glass that I sprayed with looking glass paint and made look like mercury glass. (The tutorial can be found here.)

Arm chair - Ikea, here
Rug - Ikea, here
Lamp - Ikea, here 
Gold leaf platter - Target, here
Gray curtains - Ikea, here

As you can tell, our home is made up of salvaged pieces, Target, and Ikea. Where do you buy most of your furnishings?