Wednesday, December 18, 2013

House Tour | Den

The den is the room we worked on the most - and it's still not completely finished. Our first "big" project on the house will be replacing the floor in this room. But this is the room that made us fall for this house head over heals. Just look at that ceiling!

I wanted to lighten the room up a lot, so we painted the wood paneling white. Each little groove was painted with a brush and the planks were rolled over three times to completely cover. The white walls really makes the ceiling stand out. It's the focal point of the room.

I added a crafting table in the corner as well as an old sorting box to hold our mail. Patterned curtains gives the room a playful vibe. The fireplace was stunning as is, so it just got dressed up for the holidays. Remember Erik, our shelf door? He's feeling at home in the den as well.

Eventually I would love to get a cozy loveseat to sit in front of the fireplace, but for now I'm happy with these lounge chairs. The open legs help the room feel large.

Lounge chairs - Ikea, here
Desk - Ikea, here
Desk chair - Ikea, here
Mail box - salvaged
Curtains - Ikea, here
Coffee table - salvaged
Bookcase - salvaged
Joy sign - Target, here

With the fireplace and the joy sign, this is my favorite room to decorate for Christmas. What room in your home is your favorite to decorate?


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