Tuesday, December 10, 2013

House Tour | Dressing Room

GOOD MORNING FRIENDS! It's Tuesday, it's pretty outside and warm inside and I'm hyped up on coffee. So what better day to start sharing our house tour! I want to start with my FAVORITE room in the house, which is my dressing room. The closets in our house are pretty small so I decided to use one of our spare rooms to house my clothes, my vanity, and accessories.

The room was in decent shape but there were a few things I wanted to do. The wall I wanted my vanity on had green chalkboard paint and it wasn't really necessary to have a chalkboard in my dressing room. But if it becomes a child's room in the future, I may want the chalkboard wall back. So I just used a piece of paneling to cover it up.

I also knew I wanted to take down the window treatments. They were young looking and didn't let in any light. The room looked so much bigger by changing out the heavy curtains with sheers.

My scarves are the only thing left that I need to figure out how to store. You can see in the photo that I just have them in a clear bag right now but I want a better way to store them. I have too many a lot and I don't want to hang them because I think it will look bulky. Before we moved, I had them on a scarf hanger and I just really didn't like it. Share your ideas with me in the comments!

Vanity - salvaged
Mirror - salvaged
Chair - TJ Maxx
Vanity lamps - Ikea, here
Drawers - Ikea, here
Nail polish holder - rummage
Shelves - Target, here
Miniature rocking chair - made for me years ago
Rug - Ikea, here
Sheers - Ikea, here
Small necklace stand - Target, here

My sunglasses are hung on a tiered hanger like this one, and my large necklaces are on coat hooks like this one.

How do you store your accessories?