Thursday, December 19, 2013

my 6 FAVORITE winter drinks from Pinterest!

a / A mulled apple pear cider that warms you from the inside out. This recipe can be found on Honeysuckle Life and she suggests that you add a bit of rum or bourbon to really warm you up. I second that suggestion.

b / Anything that runs down the side of the mug and still looks delicious is a winner in my book. Seriously, that photo is like food porn. Sorry, had to go there. Find the delicious recipe at Back to Her Roots and you'll want to make this salted caramel mocha every day of your life.

c / Nothing sounds more like Christmas than a Gingerbread Hot Chocolate. Honestly, I can't really understand the translated version of the recipe on Cioccolato Gatto (original is in Polish I believe) but I figured it out ok. It's yummy and ginger-y and perfect for an afternoon snack after playing in the snow.

d / Four words for you Godiva. White. Chocolate. Liqueur. Yup. The easy-peasy yet delightful recipe can be found on Will Cook for Smiles. Share this with your favorite girlfriend on New Years Eve.

e / I'm one of those people that eats ice cream all year round, especially a great milkshake. Sometimes when I'm cozy in my house wrapping presents and rockin Mariah Carey's Christmas album, I like to make myself a milkshake. Frozen hot chocolate is perfect for winter. Get the recipe on Chef This Up.

f / The Organic Momma shared a cider recipe several years ago that I still use in the fall and winter. My skin seems to go a bit cray at the turn of the season, so I like to make this drink to help clear it up. Legitimately, I don't know if it actually helps but it is delicious.

What are your favorite winter drinks?