Wednesday, September 25, 2013

preparing for influence and what I will be wearing

Truth time: I'm feeling overwhelmed. That up there is the to-do list I created yesterday. After I was able to complete two of those things, I had to add about five more. On top of that, poor hubby isn't feeling well and I'd love to make him some potato soup or chicken noodle soup to have this weekend while I'm gone. but unfortunately going to the grocery is not on that to-do list. Prioritize, Courtney.

Maybe I'll have to leave the craft mess in the living room a few days longer.

Maybe the clean clothes that need put away can stay in the basket until I return.

Maybe packing can wait until the very last minute... Ok, let's be honest. It will be waiting until the very last minute.

There has been so much talk about what to wear to the Influence Conference and I've honestly not paid attention to it. I haven't had time to think about what I'm going to wear. Even though there will be girls dressed oh-so-stylish, I'm going to come wearing what I'd normally wear on a Friday and Saturday. What I wear Thursday evening will be what I put on to wear to work that morning.

Two things I know for sure: I'm going to wear my heart on my sleeve because that's normally where I wear it. I've asked God to help me open up, to help me share my heart, and to be there for others who want to share theirs.

I'm also not going to wear mascara because the chances it will run everywhere is pretty good.

So look for me tomorrow evening; I'll be the one not-so-stylish without mascara, but with a genuine smile and open for hugs.