Wednesday, September 4, 2013

365 colors: 08/12 -08/18

for an ultra rugged look - perfect for a man cave - pair black walls with worn leather and gray throw pillows. it makes for a great base for any type of guy. it works with vintage sports memorabilia, a car buff, a studious fellow... pretty much anyone.

you all know that white is my favorite for the kitchen. and i think black is my new favorite for the bathroom. this room and this room both make me want to try it out in our bathroom. black can work well in small spaces if paired with a light, contrasting color... and of course a bit of gold.

i know, i just said i like white kitchens. but there's something nice about these open black shelves. paired with the rustic wood planks and the muted lavender couch, the room has a nice clean, but eclectic style to it that i love.

a lot of lofts we see here in blog world are very similar in style: bright natural light, lots of white, rustic wood floors, etc. this room is definitely not that. it's too modern for my taste but there's a lot here that i do like. the handrail, beams, and wall i love black. switch out the stair/ladder for a wooden one and the bedding for something a bit more colorful and i'd live here.

there's just something so amazing about black paired with dark wood. it's moody and mysterious and so very sophisticated. i'd love these stairs in my house.

i'm not a neutral clothing type of girl. very rarely will i wear white black or gray. but there's something super sexy about a guy rocking a black t. i love this look with the green shorts and studded belt paired with the leather bracelets and tousled hair.