Friday, September 13, 2013

365, 08/26 - 09/01

when i first looked at this photo i thought that all of the moldings and trim in this room was black. after really looking, i realized it's just the shadow from the light coming in. funny how light can affect the color of things so easily.

 black ceiling and white walls? great use of the color here because it's so unexpected.
 the first of our four color schemes is neutrals. turns out i like them a lot paired on top of one another.
 so many of the rooms i was inspired by seemed masculine, so this palette was pulled together with the guys in mind. black with various shades of brown and a bit of white can look interesting, since so often we are told not to pair black and brown.
 black can really make neon colors stand out. i'm imagining lots of light in the room, black walls, with neon art, throw pillows, a light carmel wood and lots of plants.
black also pairs well with pastels. greige, which goes with everything, keeps the black from over powering the pastel hues.

for the month of September, i want to study brown. (lets not talk about how behind i'm posting these.) brown is one of my least favorite colors, so it will be difficult for me to find images i love that really show how to use the color. this is a challenge after all!