Tuesday, September 10, 2013

pre-conference meet and greet

if you come here often you already know that. but today i'm linking up with the Influence Conference blog because the conference is 2 short weeks away. blows my mind sometimes on how fast time goes.

i'm really looking forward to the conference. my roommates Hannah, Elise, and Mandy are awesome and i can't wait to get to know them better. worship night last year was my favorite and i can't wait to get into that room with 200 women and sing our praises to our mighty Savior. gives me chills just remembering. and i'm really really really excited to hear from Lara Casey, because i think she's just the bees knees.

lastly, a few things i'll have on me: a moleskin for my notes, a scarf to cover my lap because i tend to always be cold, and my phone to take a gazillion photos.

who else will be at influence?

note: sorry for the amount of times i used the word really.... in case you can't tell i'm lacking in the vocabulary department.