Saturday, September 7, 2013

365, 08/19 - 08/25

 black and white photographs are always timeless.

this guest room is perfection. classic and neutral but with much sophistication. the Hermes blanket doesn't hurt the polished look either.

 oooooooooooooooh this kitchen. my heart just nearly stopped. i've loved white kitchens for a while now but the black base cabinets here and the white uppers? with the butcher block counter and subway tile..... oh my. oh my. oh my.

 a leather chesterfield? tell me that's not perfect for a library or a den? and the all-black shelving behind it? super sexy and masculine. it may not be 50 shades red room, but it's very Christian Grey to me.
watercolors have become my favorite types of paintings. the way the color flows together and the variation that you get.... it's different every time and i love that about it. this painting has great colors. black, gray, blue and tan is definitely a combination i'll use in a future color palette.

doesn't this just scream black swan? the nails and lips were in color/person were hot, but i love the black and white version.

the chalkboard trend is somehow still surviving and for the first time, i found an image where it had been used in a bedroom that doesn't belong to a child. paired with the candle shelf and the over sized black and white photo, i don't mind the chalkboard so much. and matte black paired with glossy black? winner every time.