Thursday, November 18, 2010

Loving the China

Browsing china patterns has become my cool-down period. I posted earlier this week some of my favorite gravy boats and it encouraged me to post my favorite dinnerware patterns. All of the patterns below are Lenox and I'm loving everything they are doing.

I'm not the type to purchase all one pattern. I will most likely confuse my guests when they see one set of each of these patterns listed. I like to keep things whimsy. Enjoy the eye candy :)

 June Lane 139; Gardener Street Green 139
 Primrose Hill 139; Noel Alabaster, 139
 Butterfly Meadow, 49.95; Opal Innocence (each piece purchased separately)

And my absolute favorite...
Chirp $134.95; Chirp Pour it On $171.60

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