Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DIY - Super easy way to freshen up ornaments

Maybe it's the designer in me but I love to change up my Christmas decor year to year. I tire of things easily, even if it is gorgeous the way it is. I like to give myself new eye candy. Here is an easy way to freshen up your Christmas baubles without spending a lot of time or money.

Start off with however many baubles you want to change. This will work for all different sizes and finishes.
Gather different colors of ribbon. Satin, felt, or paper ribbon will work. 
 I also had a collection of fabric flowers. You can easily make these from old t-shirts, beads, and gemstones if you don't have any.

Tie a bow around the ornament. Use a hot glue gun to insure the bow stays in the spot you want. I like to leave the tails as long as the bauble. Then use your hot glue gun to adhere your fabric flowers.

You will have gorgeous new baubles for your tree. And the hot glue can be peeled off the ornaments next year so you can try something new!