Monday, November 29, 2010

DIY - Ornaments for your tree

I cannot resist texture on my Christmas tree. While shopping for ideas to DIY I found some gorgeous fabric baubles. When I got home I researched some ideas to make your own out of old clothes. This is the easiest idea I found.

Start with an old sweater or fleece sweatshirt. Cut about six inches from the sleeve right across so that you have a six inch tube.

Slid a foam ball into the tube and use straight pins in both ends to hold down any edges. Feel free to snip away any unnecessary pieces that make the ball too lumpy. 

Use ribbon or felt strips around the ball to make it look like a package. You could use hot glue, double-sided tape, or straight pins to adhere the pieces. Tie a looped ribbon off one of the strips so that you can hang it off of the tree. Decorate with package bows or flowers. You can make your own poinsettia out of felt by cutting different sized five petal flowers and pinning them together so that it is layered. Use glitter pens to write a name or date along the ribbon.

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