Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maharam and Paul Smith Collaboration

Image via: PaulSmith website.

We all know Paul Smith (or we should know him, anyway) for his tailored men's clothing with a pop of color and pattern on the inside. I was so excited to hear that he has collaborated with Maharam and came up with four amazing fabrics. I am attaching images below one of the fabrics. Check back the rest of the week to check out the others,  especially the newest, which is TO-DIE-FOR.

Bespoke Stripes
 L to R, T to B: Black, Tobacco, Charcoal, Navy, Pewter, Chocolate.

The fabric looks lovely on these task chairs. It is made from 100 percent wool, is considered  one of Maharam's Reduced Environment Impact fabric, and can withstand 30,000 cycles. It comes in 56" wide bolts. Check with your local Mahram sales rep for pricing.

a BIO of Mr. Smith from the Maharam site...
Unlike any other fashion designer at work today, Paul Smith has managed to combine a flair for eccentric detail with a dedication to the highest standards of craftsmanship that has made him one of the most successful fashion designers in British history.

Smith fell into fashion design when as an out-of-work teenager his father forced him to become a runner in a local clothing warehouse. In 1976, just six years after opening his first shop, he showed his first collection on the Paris runways under the Paul Smith label. Today, his fashion empire includes eight shops in London, as well as locations in New York, Paris, Milan, and Asia - including over 200 stores in Japan. His flare for retailing includes a mélange of products: clothing, china, perfume, a collection of furniture for Capellini, and, a monograph - Paul Smith: You Can Find Inspiration in Everything*: (*and if you can't, look again!).

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