Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Midwest Fall Fashion

You know the line in Gilmore Girls, "Wait. Close your eyes and breathe. I smell snow."? Well thankfully I'm not smelling snow, but I am smelling fall. The time of year the world goes pumpkin spice crazy, pulls out their riding boots, and starts preparing for holidays. However, if you're located in the Midwest like me, the weather tends to be a little less predictable. You can start out the morning feeling chilled, be sweating on your lunch break or afternoon errands, then be freezing again by evening. It's very difficult to dress for this sort of weather. In an attempt to help, I've pulled together two outfits that should help you and it involves a key aspect: layering. Thin layers that you can remove or add as necessary to match the current temperature. 

Wear to work has always been difficult for me for some reason. Lightweight, sleeveless sweaters seem like a good option because they aren't overwhelming and bulky. A cropped pant is an easy summer transition and I love the idea of white with a pair of beige booties. A gold choker and a statement cuff keep the look trendy yet classic. After the sun goes down, add a pea coat to keep your arms warm and opt for a bright color to make a statement. Pea coats tend to be pretty nice looking and they are thin but incredibly warm.

choker / cuff / pants / top / shoes / coat

Weekend wear is probably my favorite because I live for a good pair of jeans. While the rest of the world is on the legging train, which I ride occasionally I might add, I'm over here feeling good about my denim. And while I love skinny jeans, there's something good about a flare leg in the fall. They work well with boots, add some curve to your silhouette, and just feel right with a leather belt. I always make sure to wear a shoe with some height to help elongate the look and keep your jeans from overwhelming your frame - very important for a shorty like me. So that's what I went with here - dark wash flares with a slouchy v-neck. This mustard color has fall written all over it and will pair so well with army green when you throw on a military jacket in the evenings. If you don't own one yet - go for one with some kind of interesting detail like patches or embroidery. It will immediately up the visual interest. Add a lightweight scarf for some pattern.

belt / denim / tshirt / shoes / jacket / scarf