Friday, August 18, 2017

July Favorites

l'Occitane Almond Hand Cream - If this is only item on this list you read, it may be ok (no, please don't stop reading, I have lots of goodies!) because this one is by far my most used item of the month. For an unknown reason, my hands have been incredibly dry and I just can't get enough hand cream on them. I love the scent of this one plus it feels like such a treat to apply because it leaves my hands feeling so soft and smooth. If you aren't willing to splurge, at least put it on your Christmas wish list for your stocking.

Rosamunde Pilcher Novels - I read two this month (The Shell Seekers & Winter Solstice) and I'm completely adoring Ms. Pilcher's writing style. She is a British writer as since I'm obsessed with all things European, they were both right up my alley. The novels are fairly easy reads but truly entertaining because of the cultural references. I thoroughly enjoyed both stories and look forward to reading more; my mom claims to have loads of them in her book collection.

Yogi Egyptian Licorice Mint Tea - Maybe it's the British novels, but I've found myself loving a cup of tea in the evening. I'll cozy up on the patio (unless the humidity is unbearable) with my novel and a cup of tea as a way to unwind for the evening. There's something slightly sweet yet fresh about the taste and I find that it doesn't need cream or sugar, which is an added bonus.

Lucy Wyndham Read fitness videos - This gal makes it easy for anyone to add in a quick workout. From her 4 minute HIIT routines to the walk-at-home options to the total body toning workouts, every video I've ever watched has made me sweat. She encourages and explains things easily, plus she offers alternate moves when you need to make things a little bit easier. A bonus for me is that I've also become extremely more aware of my posture - I find myself pulling my shoulders back and holding my head a little higher. Oh, and did I mention she's British? I'm sensing a theme here.

Mirage Chandelier Earrings - If I put these on once, I put them on a dozen times in July. With a sundress and sandals for dinner out, ponte pants and blouses for the office, or cut offs and graphic tees for running weekend errands, they enhanced any outfit. The gold and white finish just seemed to go with everything, plus they are so lightweight it makes them easy to wear.

(image via @styledbymann)