Friday, August 4, 2017

Creating Cohesion, Part 4

When you first move into a new home, usually you're facing a lot of empty walls and empty spaces. Our first instinct is to fill them with whatever we can find first. We purchase place-holders or put up things we don't really like. When we make sacrifices like this and use items that have very little meaning or purpose, it has a negative impact on the space. So, I'm going to advise you to leave a little empty in your home.

The idea sounds crazy because often the trend is to throw stuff up on the walls just to cover the walls. Pinterest is flooded with gallery wall encouragement - and I'm a fan of gallery walls, don't get me wrong. But choose what you display carefully and don't feel the need to hang something because something should go there. Embrace your minimalist side for a bit. And give yourself time to collect.

I've said this before on the blog, a space should feel collected - not decorated. Pick things up when you see them and love them. Know where it's home will be before you buy it. Choose things that remind you of places and people. Quality over quantity.

One thing that really helps the minimalist look work is texture - mixing your wood, metal, fabrics, and, most importantly, your plants (see last weeks post all about plants!).

To encourage your minimalist side, here are some of my favorite simple and beautiful rooms I've found online.

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