Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back to School

Because the beginning of the school year, no matter how old I get, brings along the smell of a fresh start. It means buckling down and getting organized. It reminds me of fresh, clean notebooks and tidy lockers. Another chance to do better than the last year, experience something new, meet new people, and learn new things.

Yes, I'm one of those adults who loves the back-to-school season. The supply aisle in Target is my favorite place to wander. In fact, I had to make myself not purchase all the unicorn and Boston Terrier folders - because what in the world do I need folders for? Unfortunately, not a thing. But that's not to say that I can't use this time to pack a new bag full of new supplies I can use. I've rounded up a few great things to cure my desire for back to school shopping.

1 | Nothing like a new planner to give yourself a fresh start. Erin Condren planners have become my favorite and this year they came out with a great size to carry in your bag. It's a hard bound planner with a horizontal layout. There are four color options, each with a different interior pattern.

2 | Being the bookworm I am, I like to carry some kind of book with me. If you commute to work, that's a great time to read. This book, Bloom by Estee Lalonde, is a combo autobiography and self help book that explores navigating life and discovering your own bloom story.

3 | Notebooks are my biggest weakness in the stationery world. May Designs is my all-time favorite because of their brilliant designs and personalization. You pick and choose from tons of options, from monogramming the cover to what type of paper you want inside, making each notebook unique. They have three sizes to choose from and the paper cover makes it lightweight to carry around.

4 | You can't talk stationery without mentioning PenGems. They are adorable pens with a gemstone on the top and crystals packed into the barrel. The grip is a coordinating or matching color and the metal comes in gold or silver - depending on the collection. Not only do they look really fun, you can also swap out the ink cartridge to different colors, ink types, and weights you desire.

5 | As a planner girl, I use Post-It notes all the time. Ask anyone who has seen my desk. I saw these coffee cup ones while perusing Target, and they come with a second pack that looks like donuts. Sold!

6 | Headphones have become nearly a necessity in this technology-driven world. This pair by Jaybird are a great option for the woman on the go. They are wireless and bluetooth, making them super convenient. The battery life is 8 hours and it only takes 15 minutes to charge. They are designed for working out, so they can withstand sweat and jarred movement without the concern of them slipping out while you move. Four color options are available.

7 | bkr glass water bottles have recently become a very trendy item - and for good reason. Covered in silicone, they are easy to hold and drink from. While you would expect them to be heavy since they are glass, surprisingly this size is under 1 lb., making it easy to carry with you. Each season a variety of fashionable colors are released, so you can always coordinate to your other accessories. Also, the best part in my opinion, no concerns about BPA and dishwasher safe!

8 | Keep yourself organized but filling your bag with pouches. One for your chargers and headphones, one for your makeup touch-ups, one for your pens, etc., etc. My new favorite is this black, faux leather embroidered with eyelashes. You can't tell me that's not the cutest little pouch!

9 | It wouldn't be much fun if you didn't have a new backpack tote bag to carry around all your goodies. The Watson Lane Maya by Kate Spade is perfect - a cleanable surface both inside and out, large enough for everything but not super heavy, and available in four great colors perfect for all seasons. I absolutely love the nylon fabric because it's so durable.

What is your must-have back to school accessory? And have you already jumped on the bkr water bottle bandwagon? Tell me what you love about yours.