Friday, August 25, 2017

Feeling Cozy

Most of you probably don't know that I work my day job for a university. This time of year is always fun because campus comes to life, populated with new students who remind me of my age, which by the way, I had the realization that I've been out of college for NINE years. How does time seem to go so fast once you're out of school??? Anyway, I digress. With all the students coming into town, our shopping destinations (composed of Target and Walmart), has filled up with "dorm room essentials". They offer super inexpensive items marketed towards college students, some of which are great, some I would pass on. However, I noticed that while they had great price points, nothing really seemed homey and cozy - which is a huge miss on their part.

For entering freshman especially, that have never lived away from home, creating a sense of home in the dorm room could be so crucial. Whether sharing a space with a stranger or a friend, it could be awkward and discomforting - and definitely take some getting used to. The key aspect to making the space comfortable is bringing in aspects that remind you of home. For example, if your parents house always smelled of delicious baked goods, find a *room spray or an essential oil combination that resembles that scent. If you loved the family gallery wall, create your own on a bulletin board. Recreating the ambiance of your previous comfortable environment will help you as you settle into your new space.

Below I've rounded up some things that I would choose to make a temporary space feel like home. While you may not love the exact items I've selected, I hope it inspires you to make a list of the things you loved about your old home. And while I've geared this to a dorm room, these tips could help in any new home - whether a new apartment in a new city, a relocation for work, or even a new house.

A couple of things about the items I chose...

+ Opt for a cozy, neutral duvet or comforter so you can change out pillow covers easily for the season.
+ This photo holder doubles as a night light. The clips are attached to string lights to give a little glow wherever it hangs. Put it above your bed or your desk.
+ A lightweight throw blanket is perfect to add to your bed when your cold, or to carry with you to a friends room or common space for movie night.
+ Slippers and a high pile rug can go a long way in creating a cozy feel.
+ Lavender is a good year-round season. Not overly floral but slightly fresh smelling. Plus Mrs. Meyer's has a natural product with very few ingredients. *Please check with your roommate before spraying anything, as some people are sensitive to sprays in general or may have difficulty with asthma.

duvet / cushion covers / throw /  room scentphoto holder /  rug / slippers