Tuesday, October 29, 2013

hydrate, moisturize & pamper your skin throughout winter! | my go-to products

These past couple of winters have been hard on my skin and hair. This year, I'm fully prepared. I've rounded up my go-to products for getting dead, dry skin off, and silky smooth skin back in it's place.

1 Boscia Recharging Night Moisturizer - During the day I still use my regular Mary Kay moisturizer, but at night I like to "recharge" and really hydrate. This one also has anti-aging properties... not that I'm getting old or anything.
2 Shiseido Refining Body Exfoliator - Once a week I exfoliate to get off dead skin. Honestly, you probably don't need one this expensive, but I like the brightening effect it gives my skin.
3 Aveeno Skin Relief - First thing out of the shower, I slather (sidenote: slather is a kind of gross word, no?) this stuff all over my body. Then I like to put on my fuzzy bathrobe to feel like I'm in a spa. :)
4 L'occitane Hand Creme - I apply this to my hands a feet, slip on a pair of fuzzy socks and tuck myself in bed.
5 Fresh Sugar Lip Polish - Shrug off those dry flakes so that you're left with new smooth skin to pamper.
6 Chapstick in Cake Batter - I could eat this stuff it tastes so good. There are lots of other lip balms out there but I haven't found one as cheap and reliable as this ol' gal.
7 Macadamia Deep Repair Masque - Most people use this on the ends of their hair, but my scalp tends to get a bit dry too. So I massage this into my head to condition it as well, and it leaves my hair feeling fluffy instead of scratchy.
8 Michael Todd Extreme Hydrating Facial Mask - Clean out those pores and built up products with nourishing and hydrating fruit and shea butters.


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