Thursday, May 9, 2013

365 05/09

"what kind of animal would you be if God said to you, 'I'm gonna turn you into an animal for the day. What would you like to be?" these are the kinds of questions I come up with when we are riding in the car between Indy and home.
he picked a whale and i picked an elephant. elephants and penguins are my favorites but i'd mostly want to be an elephant so i could have a go at using a trunk to pick up food.
speaking of elephants, i'm loving this elephant print stella and dot is flaunting these days. orange with purple elephants? perfect color combination.
i bought a scarf with the print a few months back. now they have a few other items and I. WANT. THEM. ALL.
what do you think about orange and purple together? and what do you think of the elephant print?

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