Friday, May 24, 2013

signing off

a month or so back, miss tiny twig Hayley shared a bit about her analog weekends in this post here. a lot of Hayley's reasonings i found to be very real for myself and so i gave it a shot.

an entire weekend without instagram, twitter, facebook, or pinterest.

i didn't need anyone to think i was crazy, i thought it myself.

what i learned from that very short break was something i had not anticipated; that i had been relying on those social media platforms to spark creativity. since joining those platforms, and to this day, pinners, tweeters, instagrammers, etc, have been a huge source of inspiration for me. not necessarily a bad thing, because there are some awesomely creative people in this whole world. but i was creative and inspired before joining these platforms too. and i had lost that a little bit.

when i realized that i wasn't pushing myself to be creative on my own, i knew i would need to take more of these analog weekends. now, i challenge you to give it a try because you may learn something you didn't know about yourself. you may think you aren't reliant on your phone, but maybe you are more than you think.

happy weekend friends!