Wednesday, May 8, 2013

easy, drugstore makeup for spring weekends

this is the makeup bag i'll be taking camping this season, but it would also work for those little weekend getaways when you don't want to tote around a bunch of products. an apparently i have a thing for maybelline products.

maybelline's bb cream has just enough coverage to keep from scaring my friends without making my face feel loaded down.

revlon's just bitten kissable balm stain will last me through hiking, lounging around by the lake, even eating. if they start to feel a bit drying, i add a bit of chapstick right on top.

the dream bouncy blushes from maybelline have been hit or miss for people. i love the glowy look they give, even though they aren't super pigmented. this peach shade is perfect for a natural look.

i cannot get enough of this new color maybelline came out with in their color tattoo line. it's called inked in pink and it's a frosty pale pink that is so easy to blend out it shouldn't be aloud.

covergirl's clump crusher mascara in the waterproof formula is one of the first mascara's i've found that doesn't transfer onto my face during the day. so even if you get tipped out of your paddle boat, or take a dunk in the ocean, your lashes will still be full and black.

i'm going to pick up this makeup bag from forever 21. it has a feminine floral print and a plastic, easy-to-clean finish.

what are your must-have makeup items? what products would you toss in a bag for a camping trip?