Wednesday, February 1, 2012

top 5 : etsy rugs

browsing etsy this morning i noticed that i came across quite a few handmade bathroom mats. so i did a little etsy search and found some pretty awesome ones. i love a great pop of color in a neutral (i.e. clean looking!) bathroom and a bath mat is a good way to get it. here are my top 5 favorites.

 1 ekra. this rug is a custom listing for $370 but most of the "ready to ship" rugs are around $80. emily's work is gorgeous and i love the use of color here. she does custom orders with monograms, shapes, different sizes - you name it. if you can't tell, i'm kind of loving her work.

2 roslyn o'neil. i love the bold pattern on this rug especially, but for those who aren't ready for a loud print, roslyn has a few toned-down options as well. these are machine washable and have a clever ribbon loop to hang dry. at $22 you could snag a couple of them.

3 jcarlos. a company focused on green living, these woven twine rugs are super textured which makes them extra unique. if you visit his shop to pick this up ($50), make sure you click on the link at the top to see his other etsy page. it's full of really eclectic, collected decor items.

4 Rags2Rugs shop owner, Terry Dewald has a great collection of rag rugs in various colors and sizes, meaning a variety of price ranges. plus the fact that she will not purchase new fabric for any rug is making me really love her shop. feel free to order custom, but keep in mind, she is limited to the rags she has on hand.

5 myshell this little beauty with scalloped edges is perfect for a feminine bathroom. and with a price tag of $15, it can't be passed up. this shop owner does custom orders in about a week and uses acrylic yarn for ease of care. sounds pretty perfect to me.