Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Series! Paint by Pic

hey there bloggy lovers! yesterday i was feelin like i needed something new on the blog and since my new header from http://macfaye.wordpress.com/ doesn't have it quite ready yet, i decided to launch a new series called Paint by Pic. in this series i will share images of some of my favorite rooms and what paint colors you can use to recreate this look. while most people in the design field go by pantone numbers, i'm going to make this easier for all you home-decor-loving-DIYers and use sherwin williams colors. (sw paint happens to be my favorite). so here is the first of the series and please try to overlook the horrid quality of this photo - it still is one of my favorite home offices. i'm also still playing with the best way to share this, so bare with me!

if you have an image you want paint colors pulled from, leave me a link below or shoot me an email!

pomegranate, 2903. white iris, 6812. gray shingle, 7670. lagoon 6480. greenfield, 6439. bosc pear, 6390.