Monday, February 6, 2012

weekend recap

happy Monday friendlies! i've had my coffee and am tackling my emails like nobodies business. my weekend was fun-filled so i thought i would do a little recap/iphone camera dump. here we go!

1 the FH was so excited to meet a superbowl winner on friday and the awesome player let him try on his superbowl ring. he was in heaven, needless to say.
2, 3 we had a lovely little brunch on Saturday at a fun place called Zest. fruit, an omelet and a mimosa is a great way to start the day
4 i ran into Shaq at starbucks later in the day. it wasn't until he was walking away that i realized i should take a pic or no one would believe me. hence the crappy photo.
5 checked out Forever 21's accessories shop called For Love and i was in heaven. picked up some fun accessories for summer and the honeymoon.
6 i got to hang out with this adorable guy who now successfully calles me Aunt Kiki which pretty much makes my heart melt.
7 superbowl sunday means lasagna with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. my nannie made this cute centerpiece from a plastic hanger. she's so crafty.
8 first thing sunday morning i was waiting outside my local target with three others and got some great Jason Wu for Target items. they are feminine and springy and perfect for work. and lucky me got the only lace clutch our store got!

we did a bunch of other things too that i didn't get pictures of including being in the center of a human gridlock down at the superbowl village friday night (not fun), walking two miles in the rain (also not fun), made some yummy superbowl food (fun), and watched some decent commercials (not the game so much). hope you weekend was a blast and t