Friday, February 3, 2012

pretty stickies

maybe i'm late to jump on the bandwagon (okay, OBVS i'm late to jump on the bandwagon) but i'm sorta addicted to washi tape. it's EVERYWHERE in the blogosphere and although it's taken some time to smack me in the face, i'm adoring everything about it now. i came across some posts where bloggers and crafters are using it creatively and it makes me jealous that i didn't think of it first. [plus there's a link in there for a free photoshop pattern!]

[1 hernewleaf; 2 apartmenttheraphy; 3 puglypixel; 4 insanehousewives; 5 tealandlime]


  1. Oh I'm definitely trying the keyboard one. My letters are all worn off anyway!

  2. Thank you for featuring my keyboard! I'm totally late to the washi tape party too, those were the first rolls I ever bought!


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