Friday, August 27, 2010

a Fun and Functional Entryway

Here are some key things to include in the entryway to your house:
1. a walkoff rug or mat to scrub shoes before they hit your hardwood or your white carpet;
2. a place to hang coats (if you do not have a closet) and keep umbrellas;
3. a nice plant (real or silk) to bring in the outdoors from which you are coming;
4. a nice dresser or chest where you can keep winter hats and gloves or sunscreen and bug spray. Also designate a drawer for extra keys;
5. a decorative lamp to turn on at night so you don't bump into anything;
6. a mirror to help open up a narrow space;
7. a decorative vase or statue;
8. a place to sit and slip off/on your shoes.
While your room needs to be functional, keep in mind that this is the first room your guests see in your home. Show it off with nice materials that will hold up to the weather that comes in.
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