Saturday, August 28, 2010

Clean Up Your Workspace

Throughout the workday (okay, workweek) I have a tendency to let things pile up. Usually by Friday afternoon I can no longer stand it and if I find time to organize I try to do it. Unfortunately, I let a couple of these workweeks go by without straightening up. See below to see the before and after, as well as some close up images to give you ideas on how to organize your workspace.

This is pretty much a before shot. I did a couple of things before I decided to document. This is pretty close to how bad it was. And if you know me, you know this is more than I can handle.

I picked up these two stacking trays to hold things I use daily. The top tray holds my project folders that have to been worked on that day. The bottom tray holds my everyday necessities: calculator, paint deck, and message pad. The folder on the clipboard is the project I am currently working on. Then I keep my daily log with a list of everything I work on in a day and my hours (this helps me fill in my time sheet quickly every other day.) Lastly I keep a sketch pad for quick inspiration or notes. On the wall I keep a small calendar and 3D renderings of current projects.

On the other side of my desk I keep some of my resource books, along with supplies I need quickly. This side also has stacking trays and a plastic basket on the wall where I keep extra notepads. Our sales reps bring us notepads all the time; this is where they go.

The bottom stacking tray holds folders of company forms, papers to be filed into project folders. The top tray holds different paper to print on as well as my mail. I keep collected business cards (alphabetically by business name) in an old watch tin (it's perfect size and has furniture sketched on the sides). A small metal basket holds my business cards. Then I have a desktop organizer to keep writing pens, a scale (ruler), nail polish and hand cream. :)

These containers were actually packaging from binder clips. I printed images of Knoll textiles and cut them to fit this package and hung them on the wall. They are now my storage for highlighters, sketching markers, and cutting tools.

I know, I know. My computer monitor is huge. However, it works perfectly and to get a flat screen size monitor at this size would mean unnecessary dollars. Instead I used a Lazy Susan meant for televisions to get it up off my desk so that my laptop can sit docked underneath. When I need to take my laptop with me I just slide it out and un-dock it. (You know you love my mouse pad. Go Braves!)

For projects that we act as Project Manager on, I make up these binders for contractor weekly meetings. I did have these stacked up on my desk but I love the way they look all lined up like this.

This was a shelf unit but I did not need the shelf. I slid the shelf to the back so that I can now use the surface as work space and my knees can fit under without hitting the shelf. I used a magnetic clip to hold my bag to the inside so that it is ready when I need it. And the Coach paper bag is just what I carried my lunch in. :) On the left you can see a bit of my handbag. I used a purse holder on the shelf surface to hold my purse. Now it is off the floor and off the worktop but still close by.

Here is the finished space! So much better!

Now to tackle this lateral filing cabinet drawer... Maybe next Friday. ;)
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