Monday, August 23, 2010

Bring Home Hawaii

Often times when we think of Hawaiian design, we think of those loud printed tourist shirts. But there is a better way to bring home your Hawaiian vacation than a tacky print.

I love these dark bamboo floors. Use them in your living space and kitchen and offset them with almost black stained cabinetry.

This gorgeous slate colored tile remind me of volcanoes. Use this in your shower floor, walls and ceilings with the shower head below.

This shower head will remind you of the warm Hawaiian rain. Available at Kohler.

Use shears to dress your windows. On warmer days, untie them and let the breeze blow them. Colors like white, pale yellow, or this light teal are great for still letting the sunshine through.

If you need more privacy, wood shutters are a great option.
When it comes to selecting fabrics, choose natural weaves like cotton and barkcloth.
As with any vacation spot, be sure to pick up things on vacation that remind you of the atmosphere like fabrics, wines, and small decor. Investigate the plant life of the area and then purchase live plants to keep inside. You will be able to regulate the lighting, temperature, and water it needs to survive away from it's natural habitat.
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