Friday, August 13, 2010

Bring Home Rome

One thing I look forward to on vacations is the decor of a new place. Often, I dread heading back home because I miss the atmosphere of my destination spot. Here are a couple of makeover ideas to bring home Rome.

Crossville Tile in Coconut Cream Pie. This color will warm your kitchen or bathroom floors and would look great with the border below as a shower wall.

Crossville Tile. Olive. (color is slightly off in photo.)

When I think of Rome, the first thing that comes to mind is deconstruction. A faux finish is a great way to get a deconstructed look. Invest in a painter who specializes in faux finishes or take a class yourself to get it right.

This image shows two great Rome inspired ideas: the faux finish and a bathroom focused around the bath.
Pay tribute to the Gods and Goddesses. This series of Venus, God of Love is available at for under $30.
Oil rubbed bronze is a gorgeous, Roman inspired finish. Use this finish on your faucets, door knobs, and sometimes even your appliances.

As with any vacation spot, be sure to pick up things on vacation that remind you of the atmosphere like a great scarf, blanket, or small pieces of stone or shell. Investigate the plant life of the area and purchase live plants. If you keep them inside, you can better control the light, water, and temperature it needs to survive away from it's natural habitat.
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