Thursday, August 26, 2010

Arranging Flowers

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term "flower arrangement"? Do you think of weddings? Centerpieces? Stuffy, grandma's house arrangements? Until I got my own place, those were the things that came to my mind. Then I realized how much fresh flowers (or great looking artificial ones) can brighten up your home.

The best, fool-proof way to add flowers to a room without looking over-the-top is to stick with one type of flower in one color. This gives a more modern feel. Lose the greenery; it can make the arrangement stuffy if not done exactly right. Select vases that suit the flower.

Here are some images of my favorite flowers to inspire you:

This tulip arrangement is gorgeous. Since tulips stems bend over time, I love how this keeps all the blooms right together for a color burst.

Roses have a strong fragrant- too much for my liking. This vase holds five blooms which is just enough to scent a room. This would look great centered length-wise on a coffee table or in front of that horrible television set we always try to hide. This arrangement of dahlia's is gorgeous. It is feminine, southern, and sweet; everything I love. I recently copied this arrangement for a girlfriend brunch centerpiece.

This is a pretty horrible image (but the best I could get in my nearly-no-light bathroom) of a gorgeous combination of flowers that I have in my bathroom right now. (Also ignore the horrible faucet. Since I live in an apartment I am stuck with it.) The great thing about this combination is that the lily buds provided nice greenery and by the time they finally started to bloom (about a week after I bought them) the daisy's had started to wilt. I threw them out and had a nice, white arrangement. And I got that fabulous vase at Wal-Mart. (Yes, Wal-Mart!)
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