Friday, November 16, 2018


Every few months I like to do an update on the things currently going on in my life. Here's an update since my last CURRENTLY, in August.


I've been reading one book for months now and that's Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. I'm really enjoying it, but MAN. It's been hard for me to get through. So instead of reading books, I've been reading a lot of four different newsletters.

Girls' Night In is the spot for a weekly dose of articles, recommendations, interviews, and more for the woman that prefers staying cozy inside instead of out and about.

Four Good Things is a newsletter by one of my favorite planner YouTubers, Holly. She shares her YouTube rabbit holes, recipes she's tried, and whatever random thing she's become obsessed with for the week.

Alyson Haley is probably my favorite fashion and travel blogger. But even better than her blog is her newsletter (sign up near the bottom of her main page). She answers questions sent in by her followers and it's password protected - so it's always the really good stuff. Each week you're sent a password to a locked page on her blog. She shares more personal information that just allows her readers to get to know her a little more.

Mary Graham is the writer I go to when I need some reality. She blogs about her real life - mountains and valleys and her writing is raw and emotional. Not only do I love her blog but her Monday Business Meeting newsletter (sign up right at the top of her main page) is a great recap of her posts for the week, an update on what she's been doing the past week - whether it's podcasting or cleaning, and most importantly an encouraging scripture and devotion for the week.


We had a pretty busy fall when it came to traveling. In addition to multiple trips to Indianapolis for social events we also...

...drove three hours North to cheer on my alma mater in a match up against Notre Dame. The Notre Dame campus is beautiful, we had perfect weather, and the game was actually entertaining.

...flew down to South America for an 8-day mission trip in Ecuador. I pretty much fell in love with the country and I've been slowly sharing that trip on my Instagram page.

...flew to Kansas for a work conference for 5 days. Lawrence, KS is a delightful town with a thriving city center full of boutique/mom and pop shops and restaurants. The University of Kansas campus was beautiful, sprawling, and so. dang. hilly. I for sure got in my cardio that week. We also spent some time in Kansas City at their stunning theater and a furniture manufacturers factory.

...drove 7 hours west to our favorite little church in West Virginia, where we helped them host their annual fall festival. The weather was a little chilly, but we played games, decorated pumpkins and scarfed down bowl after bowl of chili.


Last week I made a big announcement on Instagram about something I've been "doing" for awhile. A dear friend of mine has a serious disease affecting his kidney and is in need of a kidney transplant. I did not hesitate to offer to be a living donor. The process has been quite intense, lots of poking and prodding, but through my meetings I've discovered how few living donors there are. Many people are put on a waiting list to receive one from a deceased donor and they wait for years. This option drastically affects the recipients quality of life while waiting and often requires them to need another transplant in their life. In sharing a bit about my personal journey, I hope to raise awareness about living donations and how amazing the opportunity can be for the recipient and the donor. I have learned so much about myself and strengthened my relationship with God. Head to my InstaStories highlights to follow the process.