Friday, May 3, 2019

get the look

drapes | table | dining chairs | chandelier | bowl | moss decor

THESE GORGEOUS DRAPES! Y'ALL. I can hardly contain my love for these beauties. I love the bold statement they make, demanding attention and adding so much to this simple room. The natural tones (wood, stone, slate colored walls) all provide the perfect canvas for a lovely, bold punch, and these curtains are the icing on the cake. Now, I say all that, but there's definitely another statement maker in the room. That lovely chandelier is also a stunning piece of art, but the natural finish (honestly, I can't tell if it's wood or metal, but whatever it is) really calls attention back to the center of the table after they've had all that eye candy on the color. It draws the eye back to the purpose of the room, time around the table with loved ones.