Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Hair Accessories

scarf  | 2 pearl barrettes | 3 scrunchies | 4 metal clips and metal clips | 5 headband

For those who are ready for a bold and feminine look, this hair scarf will make a statement! Offered in a variety of color and pattern, I love how a scarf can completely change your look! A look just as feminine, but slightly less bold, these pearl clips are slightly oversized and feel like such a throwback to my middle school days - but prettier! The scrunchie trend has been back for a minute, but I finally hopped on board when Lilee's Bowtique offered up these with a cute little tails (which can be tucked under if you're not so keen). They have a huge variety of them and I find them to be a great price point. Also at a great price point is this variety pack of metal clips! A gold and silver of each design and I love how simplified they are. Lastly, if you're not quite ready to go bold with a hair accessory, I think a headband or a wrap is a comfortable way to start. Since they are much more common, you could easily opt for one very simple and understated - then when you're ready, go for a bright color or pattern.

Have you tried out a hair accessory? Which is more your style? If you decide to try out one of these, I would love for you to send me a pic on Insta so I can see how you style it!


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