Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Top 3 Chicago Breakfast Spots

Morning, friends! How's the heat where you are? Last week was so dang humid here in the Midwest, but the temps came down a little for the long weekend. It wasn't much, but still, the relief was so appreciated. While I love summer (it's my favorite season!), I'm always ready for the cool air to swoop in and save us from heat stroke.

If you don't know, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love meeting friends for breakfast because I think it's so fun to start out the day socially. Maybe that's the 30-something in me, but I really prefer to be at home in the evening, doing my own thing, which makes breakfast perfect for meeting people. This makes me realize I'm definitely a morning person.

The past few years I've spent more and more time in Chicago, both for work and pleasure, and I've come up with a few great spots that are perfect for a morning out. Be sure to pin this post so when you're planning your next trip, you can give these a try!

Location 1: Green City Market is a wonderful farmer's market full of local produce, meats, bread, homemade syrups and sauces, as well as delicious ready-to-eat options. These mushroom tarts were just one option from one vendor but there were breakfast sandwiches, donuts, soups, and more. Everything looked so good, plus you can eat while you browse! The market moves depending on the time of year, so make sure to check their calendar to get to the right place.

As a bonus to location 1, if the market is in Lincoln Park while you're there, make sure to pop into Elaine's Coffee Call for a drink. The coffee shop is attached to the lobby of Hotel Lincoln which has a cool neon sign in the lobby and a rooftop bar.

Extra bonus location: Westtown Bakery has three locations around the city. Pop in for a coffee and a treat - the cake balls are AHMAZING.

Location 2: Stan's Donuts will hit the sweet spot if you want a quick, breakfast treat. In addition to donuts, they have an espresso bar so you only have to make one stop in the morning. One of my few regrets in life was not trying the Biscoff Pocket donut. I got a strawberry glazed cake donut and an iced latte. Bit of a warning: they go heavy on the cream so if that's not your jam, be sure to let them know ahead of time. My donut was delicious (made from real strawberry not just strawberry flavored) and I'm betting they all are.

Location 3: Ann Sathers is, hands-down, my favorite breakfast spot in Chicago. Three locations, all equally good, and the best spot for a casual morning with family and friends. It's always busy so the atmosphere is social and bubbly. Their food selections are wide and the best part is their cinnamon rolls. These gooey, delicious buns are one of the side options and one serving consists of two rolls. OMG. SO. GOOD. The portion sizes are generous, so I always take one of my rolls to-go so I can reheat it the next morning and relive the gloriousness. Cinnamon buns not your thing? Their fruit bowl is a great alternative; still sweet but not as guilty feeling.