Friday, January 4, 2019

Starting New

Recap of 2018 Resolutions

Drink More Water | I'm really proud to say I've worked hard on this. 2018 started out with just a generic goal of upping my water intake and I did pretty well at the beginning of the year, but then, as typical, fell off somewhere around March or April. Then during my kidney donation testing, it was determined I really needed to focus on drinking 67 ounces of fluid a day with a concentration on water. Considering I'm making a huge decision to donate an organ, I also need to be serious about keeping the rest of myself healthy. Now, I use the app My Water Balance to track my intake of all fluid. My notifications are set to remind me each hour to take a drink, because frankly, I still need the reminder. It's not quite yet a habit.

Tackle Debt | Another proud moment came when I was able to pay off two credits I had. You will see a repeat of this resolution for this year, and I will be setting some monthly goals to do even better than last year.

Paint the Ceilings | This seemingly random resolution was much more specific than the other two, but again, I'm happy that I did paint the ceiling in our dining room and the main hallway. Guys, I'm telling you this made such a huge difference in our home. Our dining room no longer feels like a cave which is pretty spectacular. We still have other ceilings to paint (all the bedrooms) but we are planning to repaint the walls in those rooms as well, so we will make a point to do the ceilings during those projects.

 2019 Resolutions

Time Off | This year I hope to be much more intentional with my time off work. My day job is a rewarding and fulfilling part of my life that I'm grateful for, and I have a tendency to not use up my PTO until the last second, before they expire. This year, I'm going to make sure to set aside my time and plan out how to use it. Those days off don't have to be full of spectacular plans or goals, but spacing them out and giving myself breathing room throughout the year would be a great mental vacation.

Expand my Comfort Zone | Last year when traveling to Ecuador, I put myself in a position of unfamiliar territory. In a new country, spending my time talking to complete and random strangers, I found that I was a little more bold. One of the things I loved about Pelilo and the other Ecuadorian towns was how receptive the people were of others. This openness was comforting and not one bit intimidating. While intimidation isn't something I thought I feared before the trip, I realized afterward that I often times feel intimidated.

Tackle Debt | I told you this resolution would be repeated this year. While I consider 2018 to be successful, I've set stricter budgets for 2019 and have specifically put some things on my no list to help myself save money here and there.

What is this no list I speak of? Wanting to be more intentional with my goals during my planning, I came across Lara Casey's 2019 Goal Setting Series, which includes a deep evaluation of your life, your dreams, and what your goals have done for you in the past. The entire process was really therapeutic for me and allowed me to dive into the daily decisions that are making up my life and determine if each one is good or bad for me in the grand scheme of my life. I'm not going to share the entire process with you, but I do encourage you to head to Lara's website and check it out yourself, and I'm going to share my yes and no list for 2019 with you. Please help hold me accountable!