Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Rabbit Life

Juicing has become my new thing. I'm obsessed with trying out flavor combos and determining what they can do for my overall health and immune system. Since me and veggies tend to not be super acquainted with one another - it's an off and on, love/hate relationship. I'll have moments of motivation to try new, experiment, and actually enjoy the taste. Then those taste buds hibernate and I can't stand them anymore. But for some reason in the juice variety, I'm 100% on board with the flavors.

Juicing for me is also a love/hate but because I know I need the vitamins from the veggies, I handle a little mess. Right now I'm using a blender and straining through a nut bag - both of which are products I love and work wonderfully for me. It's just the mess! My dream world consists of a gadget that would make my life easier: the Omega Nutrition Center. This is the mother of all juicers IMO and I would LOVE to have one on my counter top.

One juice I've been making is the easiest recipe ever: celery! If you're using a blender, chop your stalks into four pieces, dump them in, and puree. Then dump your puree into the nut bag and squeeze out the liquid into your glass. One bunch of celery will make one large glass.

Another juice to try, which has a completely different taste, is a carrot/apple/celery juice. For multiple veggies/fruits, I recommend blending and straining each item individually. In reality, that takes longer than just adding all the items in at once and if you're not a morning person, you probably aren't going to take the time to do it like that. However, I still find I need to do two batches because of the quantity my blender holds. For this drink, you need 2 large carrots, 1 green apple (cored), 3 celery stalks with leaves, 2 handfuls of parsley, and 2 handfuls of spinach. You will always get a different amount of juice from each fruit/veggie so this is an estimation. Pre-chop your carrots, apples, and celery because these are hard veggies and your blender will need the extra help.

A couple more tips I've learned while giving this experiment a try that I thought I would pass along to you:

-Your juice tastes better and holds more nutrients when you drink it right after juicing.
-Drink your juice on an empty stomach. It allows the nutrients to go straight to your bloodstream. Supposedly juice can upset your digestive system if you drink it after eating.
-Green juicing is a science: do some research prior to starting your journey. There's a smart way to rotate your greens and give your body a balance of nutrients. I'm actually not a fan of green juice, so I tend to stick to juices that mix veggies and fruit.

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