Friday, January 11, 2019


Quite a random combination this time in my favorites, but that's the most genuine kind of favorites there could be! Each of these gems are currently winning a spot in my heart.

Our Passerelle chairs have always been some of my favs but recently I've spent a lot of time in the lounge reading next to the fire and I really enjoy the wide seat so I can curl up.
These hair ties are like magic. I'm probably late to the party when it comes to these but if you haven't tried them, go, run fast.
 My Return to Tiffany bracelet and ball earrings have been on basically nonstop. They are pretty much classics and go with everything, which is why I made them my go-to the past month or so.
The K-Cafe was a Christmas gift that I'm obsessed with. Starbucks who? No excuses to go out for coffee when this puppy is in my kitchen.
Young Living Cool Azul has been in my diffuser constantly since I stopped using the Christmas Spirit scent. I also use it after a workout because it has a nice cooling sensation.
Lastly, my go-to brow product has been the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil. It has a super fine tip that makes it easy to fill in sparse areas without being too bold.

chair | hair tie | bracelet | studs (similar) | coffee maker | cool azurl oilbrow pencil

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