Friday, January 18, 2019

52 Week Organization Challenge

Good morning friends! I must have woke up on the right side of the bed today because there's a pep in my step and my mood can be seen in my hot pink lipstick. If that's not bold for January, I don't know what is. But from the moment my eyes fluttered open, it was a good day full of smiles and productivity. Not everyone would see productivity as a good day, but nothing feels better to me than checking off a list.

Which, conveniently transitions perfectly to the point of today's post. Let me start with a disclaimer: I have no idea if this idea has been presented before. In fact I'm sure if you took to Pinterest, there would be a dozen or so versions of this floating around. I came up with this idea while laying in bed last night trying to go to sleep but couldn't shake all the things floating through my mind, so I pulled out my phone and made a list. Before I knew it my list contained organizing half of our house in a 36 bullet-point list. Organically, this list became a 52 week organization challenge for me and my husband, who may or may not realize he's involved in this project at this time. Ahem.

If you decide to tackle this challenge yourself, the first step is creating your list. My notes app on my phone is one of my most used tools, and one I find most people tend to underestimate. I love how the app allows you to jot your thoughts, create a grid/chart, add check boxes, or draw with pen. For this list, I added the check boxes and numbered one through 52. I added every closet, cabinet, drawer, etc to the list. If the area is large or will just be a more time consuming task, I divided it. For example, my nine-drawer Alex drawers is too much to tackle, so I split it into two categories.

Being 100 percent honest with myself in how much I can tackle at a time, is going to be key to making sure this works for me. My chest of drawers has 6 drawers, so I'm going to work on it one drawer at a time. Other projects, like the shed clean out, is going to have to be something KJB and I both work on, so it's one project. It may take half a day, but it's totally do-able with two people.

Another thing I considered on my list was if something would need done multiple times. Our seasonal clothing is going to need purged twice to make sure excessive apparel from one season doesn't accumulate more than another. I added a box for summer and a box for winter. Same concept for our freezers, which I am ashamed to admit often gets overlooked.

Hopefully this post auspicates a slurry of organization; I know I'm super excited to undertake these spaces, little by little, over the next year.