Friday, June 1, 2012

potentially awkward post that i'm sharing anyway

did anyone else ever watch the Brady Bunch and think that those cute pajamas that Cindy Brady always wore had to be the most comfortable thing ever? you know, those one piece, shorts + tank top type of bodysuit? well i did. i always thought they were so cool but i never knew where to buy them. plus my pajamas were always a big over sized t-shirt or sweatpants and a tank top. then the miraculous day came when i discovered where to buy those cute, one-piece shorts + tank bodysuit. let's just say i felt like Cindy without the ponytails. so even though it's kinda awkward to share my pajamas with the world wide web, i'm going to anyway because i think other girls want to feel like Cindy Brady. (let's get real: who doesn't!?)

1 red pinspot / 2 floral / 3 tulle trim / 4 blue pinstripe / 5 lace trim