Monday, June 11, 2012

gifts {wedding details}

hellooo friendlies. kjb and i are currently boarding the ship to take off for our honeymoon but i wanted to share a wedding detail for the week before the guest bloggers take over. today's detail is something that not many people saw but made our day special to us; our wedding gifts to each other.

we each bought each other a side-trip for the honeymoon.... a Braves game for me and a snorkeling excursion for him. but we also bought each other a gift to be opened on the big day, one that we didn't necessarily know about. okay, i knew i would get something from him, i'll be honest. he wanted to give me my "something new" so he told me not to worry about that. he didn't know however, that he would get something new that day, too.

for him, i purchased a box of cigars which he likes to indulge in with his best buddies every couple of months. i'm not a fan or supporter of this indulgence but i figured this was a special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion. and i really surprised him! our lovely photographer also loved them, she took several shots with our rings and the cigars! i love that this detail is shown so well in photographs because they didn't make an appearance on the actual day.

for me, my honey gave me a beautiful strand of pearls. in the photo above you can see my sister putting them on me. they are so gorgeous; easy to wear dressed up and down. i love that he gave me a gift i can have my entire lifetime. and i can't wait to pass them on to my little girl on her wedding day.

all of our wedding details are what made our wedding different from others. but this particular wedding detail made our wedding especially unique to us.

will you/did you share a wedding gift with your partner on your wedding day? tell me about it below!