Tuesday, March 13, 2012

hunger games obsessed

in exactly nine days i'll be donning my Hunger Games inspired eye make up and getting ready for what will be an amazing film. i've been a Hunger Games fan for nearly two years now and i've been awaiting the film release since i was one chapter into the first book. last night was the premiere and i was pretty much glued to my iphone waiting for images to be released and little clips. anyways, i came across these gorgeous bracelets on etsy with the mockingjay pendant and i couldn't help but want to share them. aren't they just splendid?!

speaking of splendid... i have some exciting stuff happening hopefully this week including a new name, a new banner and other goodies. you will notice that my banner is missing. yeah, i'm pretty much tired of it. okayyyy i'm a bad liar. i actually took it down because i wanted to make sure my new banner fit properly, and forgot that the old banner was saved to a different computer. so i just left it down. i'll go bannerless for a few days.

back to the Hunger Games; here's a link to these fetching bracelets. i'm also loving these makeup tutorials by the wonderfully talented Leesha from xSparkage. and lastly, i MUST get my hands on some of these varnishes by China Glaze The Hunger Games collection. i am especially fond of fast track for an everyday color. there is a great review here.