Tuesday, March 27, 2012

chair choices

help me! i'm trying to decide what to do for my tiny living room/dining room combined! here's the scoop. our kitchen is TINY and there is no dining room so i'm creating a small corner of our living room to act as a dining room. i think a dining table is super important, especially for newlyweds. i don't want to start off our marriage by sitting on the sofa every night with dinner in our laps. (although it may happen from time to time because that's just fun.)

anyways, our seating arrangement is limited and we have a sofa already. so i need to decide to purchase two of these chairs at the top of the image below to act as dining chairs and pull them over into the living area for guests OR purchase two of the wood chairs and one comfier arm chair.

the idea of comfy dining chairs is appealing to me plus my all time fav designer chair (here) is  similar to this one. however, i love the idea of painting the wood chair a bright, fun color like these images below. i can't decide!

which route would you take? let me know in the comments below!

[chair 1, 2, 3; image 1, 2]