Monday, March 19, 2012

weekend review

happy monday! it's about a third of the way through the day now but i've had a super busy morning and am just getting around to publishing today's post. how was everyone's weekend? it was sunny and warm in Indiana so i would call my weekend a success. friday i treated myself to a pretty pair of ikat print, gray and pink flats that i'm calling my driving shoes. super comfy and easy to slip on and out the door. saturday, in st. patty's day spirit, i chalked the tips of my hair green. that was pretty fun. i used Kandee Johnson's video tutorial that can be found here. sunday after church i finished up some wedding stuff i had started during the week including this directional sign. i can't wait to share all the DIY projects i've done for the wedding. sunday afternoon i stumbled across this gorgeous tree. the blooms are so lovely!

the best part about the weekend? i found this amazing barn ladder that i've been looking for! yay!

giveaway information is coming later today so make sure to check back!