Monday, January 23, 2012


this weekend while out to dinner i managed to lose a brand-spanking-new tube of my favorite lipgloss*. the little happiness in my heart that i feel each time i use Bare Minerals Toffee Glaze was gone and i kind of wanted to cry. not only was it shiny new but i can't seem to find this shade anywhere, meaning it's either discontinued or only released in collections. but my fav-o-rite, Mac from Collected Eclectic, saved my life recently by giving me a new one. and then i lost it. mega fail on my part.
but then, the world came back around. this morning while unpacking my overnight makeup bag, what should i find but my little heart happiness at the bottom of the bag. how did that happen, you may ask. well i either hallucinated and didn't use it at dinner at all OR went partially blind for the moment i was looking for it in my clutch and then blind again when i put it back in my makeup bag. it's really hard to say at this point because those kind of things happen all the time - and not just to me, admit it.
come on; admit it.
'kay thanks. that makes me feel better.
so life is back to being good again with my lipgloss* by my side. here she is. what a beaut.

*does anyone ever start singing that silly lil mama song everytime they say/think the word lip gloss? you know, "my lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss by poppin. i'm standing at my locker and all the boys keep stoppin. what you know bout me? what you, what you know bout me?" you know? (this is one of those times where you say yes so that i don't feel awkward.) yes, exactly. well i've been singing this song in my head this entire post. what you know bout me? what you, what you know bout me?