Monday, January 9, 2012

a little relief

Y'ALL. i'm feelin' good. things are happening and i'm ecstatic! the fh and i found the perfect little house to rent and i move in in april! funny enough, it all seemed to happen when i stayed home from work three days last week. it was a horrid mess of a migraine, sore throat, achy-ness, etc. and i didn't have much energy at all but i had enough energy to crack down on K and myself to find a place to live. and it finally came together on friday. our landlord just so happens to be K's parents neighbor and is giving us a sweet deal that i just couldn't pass up.

the downside? because there always is one. it's tiny and i mean tiny. so tiny that i'm really not sure how much can fit in the bedroom other than our bed. and the kitchen? it has 12" of counter space and that's not an exaggeration.

but it's a little corner of the world we can call ours (or kinda ours) where we can love each other our first newlywed year. i'm sure that this teeny place will call for a lot of creative thinking for space-saving so get excited for upcoming blog posts all about small space living.