Monday, June 6, 2011

wedding colors

Number two question people ask when they find out I'm wedding planning (following "do you have a date set?") is...

"What are your colors?"

Now, I know that in a typical wedding a bride selects a pair of colors for her wedding decor and theme if you will. While that is all good and dandy for them, I have always had a different image in mind for my big day. So when people ask and I try to explain that my day will be soft and pastel but mostly neutral, I receive a half smile and glazed eye look. They don't understand. They want me to say "red and black" or "navy and pink" or "teal and purple (which sounds horrendous but could be pulled off)".

So I started searching for a color palette that describes my wedding day as best as possible. I came across one that is pretty spot on as far as color and texture. It's only missing a bit of rustic, but I'll save that for a surprise. Without further adieu...


What do you think of my wedding color palette? Image it with lots of pretty pastel flowers and wood and iron. What are/were your wedding colors? If you could do it again, would you choose different colors?


  1. Gorgeous! Oh my goodness that will look so beautiful.

    Haha. Mine were tangerine, lemon, and raspberry. The other day I was making a joke (I was just in a purple wedding), and I said "well at least she didn't choose orange." Then I realized that I did choose orange for one of mine. Ha. My poor siblings, in-laws, and cousins. Oh well! Brides can do evil things. :)

    Your colors are definitely not evil.

    I missed you a lot last week. My mom bought me curtains, blinds, and a valence for my birthday, and I felt completely overwhelmed at the store and kept wishing that you were there with me! Completely overwhelmed.

  2. You are so good! These colors will work great with your theme!! You are really breaking the mold with your wedding ideas. Its so exciting to see something new at weddings. Since you asked,I have several color combos in mind. Teal would always be a staple color

    Opt1- Teal with accents of tangerine and hot pink
    (I know sounds horrendous but trust me it can be pulled off!)

    Opt2- Teal with tangerine

    Opt3- Teal with neutrals- dark brown, champagne, etc (yes you inspired me to give neutrals a chance)

  3. @Mimi Your wedding colors looked lovely together so don't regret it! And I'm sure whatever window treatments you ended up picking looks great. We need to plan a trip there soon so I can see you!

  4. @Meg Thank you darling! I love the images you shared. The first two are definitely "Megan" and the last one is definitely "grown-up-and-formal-Megan". It will be interesting to see which way you go for your wedding day. Either way, I know it will be awesome. :)


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