Thursday, June 16, 2011

Couple Counselling, as inspired by HeyGorg

The future husbie and I are blessed to have great role models as far as relationships go. Which of course makes me anxious that ours is doomed. (Sidenote: If I were actually concerned I wouldn't be getting married. As you may remember, I like to be dramatic.) So, when HeyGorg posted this blog on a DIY counselling I immediately told FH that we needed to do this, starting right then.

Rhi's "team building exercise" consists of meeting weekly and hashing out goals for the next week, both individually and as a couple. Kyle and I did this last week and it worked pretty perfectly. His goal was to apply for three more teaching jobs (since it was his last week of school, it was hectic to add to the plate) and mine was to get my desk and one dresser packed and taken to the new place along with the empty dresser. We both succeeded. Our couple goal was to each plan a mini-date on different nights during the week. We only half succeeded in this, as my activity fell through. The time was still spent together though so maybe that's a 80% success.

This week Kyle's goal was to work out six consecutive days. Mine was to drink at least six glasses of water each day. So far, Kyle is right on schedule. I have failed miserably. But Kyle keeps pestering me about it today and I can proudly say I have managed to drink more than half of today's already. This weeks couple goal is to write a note to each other on a day we feel especially loving so that we can both receive a mushy love note the next time we meet to set goals.

Kyle thought it would be a good idea to make the goals compound; each week we do the same goal as last week and add a new one. We may try that for the individual side of the goals next week.

What do you do to keep your relationship fresh? Do you have any recommendations for our couple goal? We are open to advice and suggestions.

And now, a cute picture of us... because I can.
Sorry about the watermark. Haven't had a chance to purchase the downloads of our e-sesh yet. Hey, maybe a goal for next week?!